From capturing experiences and places in my early and mid-twenties I went on to capture behavior of people in groups in public urban spaces. I was interested in learning about the culture of groups, norms and aberrations, and revealing how people spatially sense and navigate informal rules and assumptions. From there I began working with groups of people in other settings, both private and public. We did things together in social projects conceptually centered on each site.

My present work engages in defined spaces with the ideals, politics, and objects of other people. It is sanctioned by ordinary people, small groups of artists, and alternative spaces who may have participated in the work, and who recognize the value of it. This work is set in real life, rejecting the conventions of staged theater. It can get messy.

The form that this work is presented in follows content. The primary audience participates, discovering the culture of  a location together through an experience — in a participatory crowd performance, or encounter group session, or through window washing or singing together.

If you would like to know more about a specific project on this website, or something that I have done that is not published here, please get in touch.


August 2017